I am finally bringing our web page into the modern era, with a true Web 2.0 functionality. I found this REALLY cool JavaScript program called Highslide, which enables a pop-up viewer inside the web page for viewing photos, or other content, right inside the same web page. It's relatively easy to use and I am working on retrofitting all the existing pages with this functionality. Please let me know if you have any problems with it!


I hope everyone enjoys, and let me know if you have any feed back!


Zoey and Kermit

Zoey and Kermit looking cute on the bed.

New Pages

Old photo pages (for archival purposes, since I haven't rebuilt everything)

Fireworks 2008 (Harbor Fest and 4th of July)

Zoey, looking cute (of course!)

Miscellaneous pictures (from Homecoming to the beach)

Meggie!  (Em's and my friend, to whom I owe some pics!)

Christmas 2007 in Chicago

Jer and Em's wedding reception in Chicago (thanks mom!)

4th of July, 2004

Pool trip

Kathy's visit